Posted by: sarz88 | October 8, 2009

Up, up and away


Balgownie estate

Balgownie estate

Accommodation with the lot, is Balgownie Estate. Balgownie is a winery nestled in the hills and grape vines of the Yarra Valley region just outside Yarra Glen. I first went to Balgownie a few years back as part of a grape grazing tour and fell in love with the wine. So when i found out i was staying there as a surprise weekend away, you could only imagine my excitement. My love for the place grew seeing the luxurious rooms they have to offer and not to mention the human size chess board.

There are 65 spacious suits and of course they all come with a bar fridge full of fantastic Balgownie wine. Which you can enjoy whilst relaxing in the spa or sitting on the balcony overlooking the picturesque Yarra Valley region. There are breathtaking views from where ever you sit and on a gorgeous sunny afternoon I couldnt think of being anywhere else.

Dinner at Balgownie was delicious and whilst a little fancier than what im used to it hit the right spot for such a special occasion.  The service was fantastic and very friendly and i would definitely go back to Balgownie just to go to Rae’s restaurant.

In the air

In the air

But my favourite experience about the whole stay was well worth getting up at 4.3 0am on a holiday for, Hot air balloon ride! Balgownie is the home of  Balloon Sunrise and the name says it all. The trips had been cancelled all week due to windy weather but we were lucky enough to go up first time, for some people this was their 8th attempt. Everyone helps to get the balloon up and running in the dark and by the time were ready to take off the sun had risen itself. The views are even more spectacular in the air than from Balgownie and they sweep right around you. It’s so peaceful slowly floating over the green Yarra Glen mountains and winerie

s that you dont have a care in the world. That is until it is landing time where your approach to the ground has to be spot on or the bucket tips over. Luckily our landing was perfect and we didn’t get thrown out. After the teamwork of folding up the large air balloon, everyone is rewarded with a champagne buffet breakfast back at Balgownie to start you off for the day.

The rest of my day was spent relaxing at the Natskin Day spa at Balgownie with a massage and facial topping off my fantastic weekend away. Balgownie is just incredible whether to visit Rae’s restaurant, have a hot air balloon ride or simply enjoying the fantastic wine. I know I will definitely be back very soon.

Balgownie estate

Balgownie estate


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